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I started my professional career as a Social Worker, having received my Master of Social Work degree in 1998, working in mental health.  I’ve always been drawn to helping people; and, in 2010, I shifted focus and worked as a Hospice Social Worker, where I learned more about the sacredness of the death & dying process. 

During the past 12 years, after a series of personal and health challenges, I began seeking a deeper spiritual & healing path.  I had sought out many conventional medical treatments, with no relief.  It was from these experiences that I began seeking alternative and complimentary forms of healing. This led me to learn about different spiritual, energy, and sound healing modalities. It was from these teachings that I have grown & healed significantly, and from which I continue to heal & expand my knowledge. Along this journey, I’ve been blessed to have had Master Teachers come into my life to initiate me in different methods of healing ranging from Sound Healing, Reiki Energy Healing, Biofield Tuning, Shamanic traditions, crystal healing, plant essences, and color therapy, among others. 

I feel so blessed and honored to be able to share these gifts with others to help them along on their healing journey to remember their wholeness. I invite you to honor yourself and take a journey of sound healing with me.


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